Empowering Wellness Beyond Boundaries: Join Our Movement

At Rujhalife, our vision extends beyond business growth — it’s about creating the world’s largest community dedicated to tackling the mental wellness pandemic.

Our clients partner with us not just for business expansion but to contribute to our mission. By working with us, they help fund initiatives that provide accessible wellness experiences to those in need.
We dedicate a significant portion of our efforts to support people who suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. Our focus is on fostering work-life balance, productivity, and mental well-being. Rujhalife is more than a consultancy; it’s a commitment to spreading wellness beyond financial constraints. Collaborate with us, and your brand becomes a beacon of care for society, contributing to the goal of making wellness accessible to all, irrespective of their means.
Turning Our Moonshot Into Reality:

Be a Founding Member of MentalWellness@home

Lead the change, gain recognition for your thought leadership, shape our initiatives, and together, we'll make mental wellness accessible through tools, education, and training.


Our mission is to de-stigmatize mental health, prevent work-related conditions, and empower individuals with the tools and knowledge for healthier, more fulfilling lives, uniting thought leaders, industry stakeholders, and innovators in the process.


  • Issue: Addressing the mental wellness crisis
  • Challenges: Current workplace EAP wellness programs and @ home access are failing due to the lack of employee education, costs of unwellness at work, inequitable access to wellness, and quality well-tech startups obstacles.


  • Solution: Transforming the Mental Wellness Landscape
  • Approach: Collaboration with industry leaders, hands-on education, access to pre-qualified tools, funding from thought leaders, partnerships for scalability, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and scaling through non-profits.


Benefits For Founding members: Influence and leadership, thought leadership recognition, active engagement, agenda shaping, putting wellness tools in the hands of those in need, enhanced brand visibility, exposure to diverse audiences, prioritizing the culture of wellness, and expert advisory services.